Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I need soap!

My 13 yr old is a bright girl, but she tends to panic easily, and loses the ability to think rationally. She's a bit like a person who has played Hangman, and only hangman, for their entire lives, and then gets on Wheel of Fortune and forgets what letters are.

I heard a worried, "AAH!" come from the living room...

Maybe it's because she's THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, but for her to yell for help like that made me think she'd done something extremely stupid and was either hurt, or about to be hurt, and whatever it was that she had stuck her thumb into was probably extremely large and/or heavy. Why would she call me unless her thumb was really and truly stuck tight?

What I saw was even more mind blowing than finding out we owned the Lincoln Memorial would have been. Her hand was stuck in the handle of a pair of scissors. Little kids safety scissors.

It took me two minutes to get her to calm down enough to walk herself into the kitchen to soap them off her hand by herself.


  1. BAHAHAHA loves it!!!

    I once tied the sleeve of my nighty to a kitchen cupboard door knob, I tied it so tight that it had to be cut off...


    What can I say.

    I'd love it if you'd visit my blog!

  2. Well hello there!

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    I really love reading your blog.

    Keep it up!