Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yeah, yeah, I know

Nobody is here anymore, which does not mean anyone but me was here before, other than by brute force, but I've hit that cycle in my life where I feel like writing again, and there's no point in starting yet another new blog, so, hey there.

Blogs will start showing up again, but they won't always include pictures. It was the pressure of drawing pictures that knocked me out of the game. I have stories piled up in the "unpublished" section of this blog, because I couldn't be bothered to draw the corresponding images.

Anyway... I'm sitting here drinking coffee, waiting to get on a train for 2 1/2 hours that will get me to a meeting for 45 minutes, only to get back on the train and come home. Yay.

This past weekend, the boytoy and I went camping for the first of what will hopefully be many such trips. We went up to Sunset Falls, in Washington, which was gorgeous, but it rained most of the time. No matter though, we got to cook our food over a Swedish Log Candle,

and drank shots out of toasted marshmallows.

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