Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silent-but-Deadly Three-Way

One of the most awkward situations to be in is the silent-but-deadly fart three-way, when you aren't among friends. There is no way to get out of the situation easily.

A maintenance worker was doing minor construction about 8 feet to my left, stretching up to the ceiling, and making frustrated person noises, as whatever he was doing wasn't going right. I was at the computer, and my dog was to my right. Together we formed a triangle.

I had turned on some music, so I didn't have to listen to the maintenance guy talking to himself, and was surfing websites as the smell hit me.

Someone close by had released an SBD, but who? I didn't want to automatically blame the dog, but I couldn't really ask the guy if he'd just made a fluffy.

The smell was impossible to ignore, so I got up and took the dog outside. As we came back inside, the maintenance guy was leaving to get something from his truck. Instead of his normal chatty ways, he looked kind of embarrassed and talked to the dog.

Suddenly it then dawned on me that he was looking at me like he thought I'd made the terrible stink. Now I felt awkward, and it was way too late to blame the dog. Even if I had blamed the dog I probably would have looked guilty, because doesn't everyone always accuse their pet?

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